About Us


A group of indy/garage game developers. We work with game designers, artists and studios to implement low budget independent games. We are experimenting with new business and management models to bring game development into a more modern era.


We specialize in writing multiplatform games. Windows, Linux, Macintosh, iOS, Andriod, HTML5, Facebook, Google+. We utilize open source to acheive our goals in a quick and effective manner while not encumbering our bottom line. As well as establishing large community-based support structures to help minimize development costs and increase communication and user acceptance.

We also can:

  • Help with captial planning
  • Provide community and personnel management
  • Help develop a marketing plan
  • Help establish a business organization
  • Help plan and establish sales and distribution processes including e-commerce functionality
  • Help set up effective anti-piracy techniques
  • Help provide technical and communication infrastructure
  • Use our network of contacts to get you in touch with the right people
  • Help establish intellectual property rights.

We are working on a couple projects. The most polished beingĀ Skullgirls. And a couple other projects still in their inception.


Been working on things for a while, but with one of our projects really taking off, we decided to take the plunge and become more official.


We like it, its fun.

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